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if you want to see some of the lesser-known spots in Australia though, it’s worth it! Comme tu dois t’en douter, l’Australie est un pays cher, mais fais-nous confiance, ça en vaut vraiment la peine ! Not forgetting that at the beginning and end of the trip, you’ll get to experience two of the most exciting cities in Australia: Sydney and Brisbane. Sydney is a great base for epic road trips. For a short road trip the easiest things to do is rent a car, however if you’re looking to spend a long time on the road in Australia you might want to consider purchasing a vehicle. No Australian road trip article would be complete without mentioning The Savannah Way. One of the most talked about driving routes, the Gibb River Road boasts countless geographical and historical sites of interest and has a very interesting Indigenous history, dating back around 60 thousand years. Rohini Nair. Choose a type of road trip, location and duration that suits you; your journey begins here. If you are planning to tackle this road trip then you are going to need to do some serious planning as this journey will take you across some of the remotest landscapes in Australia – imagine not seeing anyone for days and you might get an idea just how remote this is. 9-Day Australia Road Trip Itinerary Around The Best Of NSW — Sydney, Blue Mountains and Beyond Explore New South Wales (NSW) with this 9-day road trip covering a wide range of adventures beginning from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains. A toi de jouer , 6 nuits à Cairns / Grande Barrière de Corail. To get the most out of a road trip in Australia then you’re going to have to really do your research to see which trip is the best for you. East Coast Road Trip – Sydney to Cairns The East Coast is undoubtedly the most taken route by travellers and the most touristy region of Australia. This trip will take you 243 kilometers along winding roads that lead to the west of Melbourne. One of the best (and most budget-friendly) ways to travel is on one of Australia's many awe-inspiring road trips. This road trip might not be for everyone, as it’s a little intimidating at 2,300 miles long! In fact, Nullarbor means “no tree” – which makes sense when you see the landscape which stretches as far as the eye can see, which little to no trees. The site focuses on curating articles which detail the art of transforming a tourist in to a traveler while bringing out the best that the travel world can offer Located in Victoria, The Great Ocean Road is another popular road trip which is recognized for its spectacular scenery. If it’s the real outback that you want to explore then this road trip is not to be missed. If you are just driving from A to B as fast as possible without really taking in the scenery then you won’t appreciate the true beauty of Australia. Ce trajet inclut : Le ‘Red Centre‘ (centre rouge) de l’Australie est super à visiter pendant l’automne puisque les journées ne sont pas trop étouffantes. If it’s classic Australia that you are looking for then this road trip will not disappoint you. If there’s one stretch of road that Australia is known for the world over, it is undoubtedly the Great Ocean Road. Regardless to its length, this road trip still deserves a mention on our list as it really is a beauty. Take this road trip to see the vast Uluru which is more commonly referred to as Ayers Rock. Australia is one of those once-in-a-lifetime locations where you can really lose yourself in the breathtaking landscapes – mentally and physically too if you’re not careful! There's no shortage of tarmac to traverse in The Lucky Country. Have your budget in mind when your plan your trip and allow for extras along the way. Explore l’Outback et ses paysages à couper le souffle. Australia’s most famous road, The Great Ocean Road stretches from Torquay to Allansford in Victoria. You can expect to experience a lot on this trip and even the roads will provide a high level of adventure, so make sure you have the right type of 4 wheel car. Selon votre mois d’arrivée, certaines villes sont plus intéressantes pour débuter votre roadtrip en Australie et suivre le soleil tout le reste de l’année. J’ai fait un énorme road trip en Australie, qui a duré un an, les choses sont dites ! Ideal for the first-time visitor to Australia, these routes will take you to some of the best beaches in Australia, to our iconic landmarks such as Uluru, the Twelve Apostles and quiet country towns, these road trips should be on your Australia bucket list. Sights: Jervis Bay, Ulladulla, Murramarang National Park and Batemans Bay. Link Copied! En toute honnêteté, j’ai fait ce parcours d’environ 4 000 kilomètres en 2 mois. This vast country has so much to offer with its multitude of ecosystems. Dirigindo pelas estradas da Austrália. Tout dépend de ton rythme et si tu préfères voyager plutôt en voiture ou en avion. From some parts of the road you will be able to visit some of the most sacred rock art sites in the whole of Australia (with the right tour guide). Remember these simple guidelines to ensure a safe trip: Vehicles are not the only road users in the South West; Try to avoid travel at dawn and dusk as this is when wildlife is most active. To road trip Australia is an epic adventure indeed – whether you’re taking on a trip spanning thousands of kilometres and many weeks, or a smaller journey to a local sight. ), but, with this 6 month itinerary for the ultimate Australian road trip, you’ll know exactly where to go and when. Cruise along the coast, wind through weaving country roads and hire a 4WD to get off the beaten track. Posted on décembre 16, 2018 décembre 9, 2020. Pendant cet itinéraire tu devras prendre des vols internes pour atteindre toutes les destinations, sauf de Broome à Darwin. This is the perfect road trip for travellers looking to experience the real outback with highlights including the Bell, Galvan’s Gorge, Zebedee Springs and Tunnel Creek. Help us to show you Facilidade na compra ou aluguel de carros – Os valores dos carros aqui na Austrália são absurdamente mais baixos do que os preços dos carros no Brasil. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be sure to pack your swimwear as you’re going to discover lots of beaches along the journey. Après avoir effectué ces 4 itinéraires, tu pourras te vanter auprès de tes potes en disant que tu connais l’Australie comme ta poche ! This is said to be one of the greatest drives in the world and with the wide open expanse of ocean stretched out along the journey it is really easy to see why. Road trips can be very, very expensive. This one largely depends on how long you are planning on being in Australia for. Stay: North Head Campground or Congo Campground. Snorkelling trips and scuba diving trips can be arranged by responsible tour companies. Pour cet itinéraire, il te faudra prendre l’avion, sauf pour aller à Melbourne et à Adelaïde. Tu peux conduire pendant plusieurs jours dans le désert sans apercevoir ne serait-ce qu’une seule personne. Make time to visit Boodjamulla National Park which boasts colorful landscapes and fossils dating back around 25 million years. Ça t’évitera de fondre sous le soleil et l’humidité du Nord de l’Australie. For Great Road Trips, check out their Blog. Follow the Coastal Way road trip through our seaside playground: the Yorke Peninsula. This is the road trip you take to experience the typical (but seriously impressive) landscapes. Here are some ideas for road trips in Australia, to get you started with your trip planning. This is thought to be one of Australia’s greatest road trips and when you see which locations and hotspots it takes in then it’s easy to see why. Some people have only ever dreamed of doing this, some people have attempted to do this (and failed) and some people have even managed to complete this…are you ready for The Big Lap? Cruise along more than 700 kilometres of pristine coast, spending your days surfing, swimming and exploring. Day 1: Sydney to Jervis Bay (3 1/2 hours). Day 3: Batemans Bay to Eden (3 hours). Previous Post Next Post. Voici des itinéraires de road trip en van en Australie. Kings Canyon and Glen Helen Gorge are also attractions you will have the pleasure of visiting along your trip. Normally when you go on vacation, everything is sorted for you. Peu importe la ville de départ, tu peux commencer ton voyage de l’endroit que tu veux. And on what type of terrain? Even if you are not a strong swimmer, it’s possible to experience the colorful world beneath the water. This Australian road trip takes in the Central Coast, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Ballina and Byron Bay. This is a vast sandstone rock formation located in the Southern part of the Northern Territory and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the sheer scale of this rock will blow you away and can be enjoyed at any time of day as the changing skies can vastly affect the color of the stone. This is one of those truly epic road trips that everyone wishes they had the time to complete, but even if you could manage just a small section, we reckon it would be well worth it. On t’a donc classé différentes destinations en fonction des États du pays. How long do you have to take this vacation? Best Road Trips in Australia The Great Ocean Road Drive. L’hiver et le printemps sont souvent des saisons pluvieuses dans ces régions. No trip to Australia is complete without seeing both of these attractions. De Darwin à Uluru, de Melbourne à Sydney ou encore une boucle en Tasmanie. Take your pick from the selection below – whatever your flavor, there’s something for everyone: Located in Western Australia, the Gibb River Road is thought to be one of Australia’s most adventurous road trips. This road is not for the novice driver as it actually stretches 660 kilometers. Day 2: Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay (2 1/2 hours). The ultimate way to do this of course is to grab some friends, hire a car and hoon your way up from Sydney to Cairns in style. Having your own car means you have total flexibility and it’s a whole lot faster than taking a bus, which can be slow and tedious (not great when you’re trying to cover a lot of ground). You’re also bound to meet some interesting characters along the way, making this one of the most unique road trips on our list! Com 700 dólares australianos você consegue comprar um carrinho velho, mas em boas condições para te levar de um lado para o outro. Can you complete the course? On ne va pas vous mentir, l’Australie est notre pays coup de cœur parmi tous nos voyages. Pour effectuer ce trajet, tu devras prendre des vols internes, sauf pour aller de Melbourne à Adélaïde et d’Alice Springs à Ayers Rock. La premier chose à prendre en compte dans son budget pour faire un road trip en Australie si on est est pas sur place et le coût pour y aller. Donc pendant cette période-là, les beaux jours ensoleillés n’attendent que toi ! You can expect to see endless stretches of road leading into the Australian outback, rocks standing alone, breathtaking gorges and vast canyons. After road-tripping across the Nullarbor and back and along the entire East coast, I am compiling all the information I have learnt on the road into this road trip planner Australia. If you see an animal on the road in front of you brake firmly in a straight line and sound your horn. The list goes on, making this one of the most epic road trips across Australia.

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